Christian Pegel, former Minister for Energy, Infrastructure and Digitalisation in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Interview with Christian Pegel

„Hydrogen enables us to make use of renewable electricity in the areas of heating, transport and, above all, industry. Climate neutrality, alongside digitalisation, are the two greatest challenges across all areas of the economy facing us over the next two decades. We can make it work with hydrogen and its derivatives. This is why hydrogen will be the substance on which the economy, transport and living will run in the future. The economic growth, the opportunities economically associated with hydrogen and, above all, the technologies for generating and implementing it, will be enormous.“

„The northern and eastern regions of Germany will be pioneers in using hydrogen in nearly all areas of life and the economy. That’s why hydrogen and its derivatives can bring incredible opportunities for Mecklenburg-Vorpommern as a production location that can therefore derive more value from its renewable energy. But more than anything, in the long term as a location for new businesses if, in the coming years, new investments are examined to see how and where safe and truly climate-neutral sources of energy and hydrogen can be obtained. Technologies will also be newly developed and enhanced where hydrogen is produced, making hydrogen a huge opportunity for completely new industrial and commercial locations to spring up in the north and east of Germany.“

„We need to get it out of the labs and into real life, as the the IPCEI projects have shown. But above all, we need a framework that politics needs to provide. We will need this to help hydrogen achieve a breakthrough which, in its infancy, hasn’t yet become competitive, as was the case with wind power over 20 years ago. Demand will then quickly drive prices down, followed by research conducted by companies – made possible by new technologies whose development will have been supercharged with regards to producing and using hydrogen in almost all areas of transport, heating and, most importantly, industry.“