Pipeline system for green hydrogen: Flow – making hydrogen happen

With the cooperation project Flow – making hydrogen happen, we are planning a sustainable pipeline system for green hydrogen. In addition to our existing hydrogen projects, we are creating a high-performance north-south transport route for climate-neutral hydrogen by 2027.

ONTRAS Wasserstoff Kooperation Flow: Connection to European hydrogen infrastructure

With the joint project of Gascade Gastransport GmbH, terranets bw GmbH and ONTRAS, we are taking a step further towards the future of hydrogen. In the Flow – making hydrogen happen project, we want to use existing infrastructure such as doing hydrogen to quickly open up important regions in Europe for hydrogen ramp-up. Flow – making hydrogen happen will enable a further connection from the Baltic Sea (Lubmin) to the Czech Republic, and further conversions in the south-west will also enable a connection to France and Austria. The regions in our network area, such as the Halle/Leipzig chemical triangle, will also benefit from this. The connection to international import routes, hydrogen storage facilities, other large-scale hydrogen transport projects and the European Hydrogen Backbone creates additional supply security. In this way, Flow – making hydrogen happen is playing a key role in shaping the European hydrogen ramp-up.

Linking with the ONTRAS start network for hydrogen – potential for our customers

The system-optimal connection of Flow – making hydrogen happen with the ONTRAS start network and thus to doing hydrogen for hydrogen clearly raises the potential for our customers: consumers with large hydrogen requirements can be supplied faster and more reliably by connecting multiple import sources. This contributes to a resilient energy system and enables all energy customers to better plan their decarbonisation options. Furthermore, importers who feed in hydrogen in Rostock open up additional customer potential in the south of Germany. Furthermore, storage potential for hydrogen can also be tapped for the Flow project via the ONTRAS start network for hydrogen, thus improving flexibility options for eastern, central and southern Germany.