Concrete Chemicals

Company: Concrete Chemicals GmbH (Cemex, ENERTRAG, Sasol Eco FT)

Project name: Concrete Chemicals

Location: Rüdersdorf


  • Decarbonisation of cement production through CO2 capture
  • Production of green synthetic fuels (eCrude or sustainable aviation fuels)
  • Hydrogen supply via doing hydrogen pipeline
  • From 2027, annual production of 35,000 t/a of green synthetic hydrocarbons

CO2 saving:

  • CO2 2027: 125 000 t/a
  • CO2 2030: 450 000 t/a


  • Construction to start in 2023
  • Planned commissioning 2027
  • Expansion until 2050

Green hydrogen is not only an energy supplier, but also an important basis for climate-friendly fuels. The “Concrete Chemicals” project at the Rüdersdorf site offers the possibility of capturing unavoidable CO2 emissions from cement production and binding them in high-quality products, thus closing the industrial carbon cycle and showing a way to decarbonise the cement sector. The CO2 produced is further processed with hydrogen in catalytic reactors, which is obtained from the ENERTRAG project “Electrolysis Corridor East Germany”. The result is 35,000 tonnes of high-quality green synthetic fuels a year from 2027. These can offset the carbon emissions from aviation and other sectors.


Weitere Infos:

„Die Partnerschaft mit doing hydrogen gibt uns die Möglichkeit noch mehr Wasserstoff noch schneller noch viel mehr wohin zu bringen“
Daniel Günther
CEO of Cascade